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AgentGB is a French youtuber with over 600k subscribers. He has become the new target of Team Veteran as he unintentionally reawakened it. He posted a video about 2b2t on November 25th, 2016. He triggered a Team Veteran initiative to kill any french speaking players on the server. Team Veteran hopes to dispose of Agentgb and his fans quickly before another youtuber war begins. Some oldfags believe that Fit is blowing the potential war out of proportion to gain popularity. We will not know if these claims will be true or if another war will ignite. He calls his fanbase "les petit trolls" which translates to "the little trolls" in English. This could be the name of his group (if he starts one at least).
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Drama Edit

After his video about 2b2t, he made a video about why he was insulted by the Americans on his youtube channel on November 29th, 2016. He realized that he bothered the Veterans on the server and that he got tons of hate and insults in the comments. Mainly he found the hate both funny and really ridiculous. He commented on Fit's video saying that he was laughing so hard when he saw the french memes on the 2b2t subreddit and that he hopes the server will stay forever and that he respects the veterans on the server (obviously getting tons of hate on that comment). He explained to his fans, who were extremely confused on why he was getting so much hate, that apparently players on 2b2t don't accept Youtubers on their server and that they apparently don't accept French people either. He basically explained in his video that Youtubers are commentators and that people need to be careful about what they say on the internet because when YouTubers get insulted like this, they read it and it's not like television where people can yell at and insult the commentators and the commentators won't hear it. YOUTUBERS HAVE SOULS M8. He, however, never mentions in this video if he will be creating anymore videos on the server so it is still a mystery whether or not he will began another Rusher-esc war.

After a whole week of him not posting a single 2b2t video, it is safe to say that AgentGB is no longer posting about 2b2t as he probably realized that it wouldn't be a good idea to do videos on. This probably means that Team Veteran does not have to be reawoken.

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