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Aureus City was made over a year before the Rusher War, started on May 31st, 2015. The base was founded by Caines_Law and Tachrev and was the largest base of 2016. It was home to many oldfags including Fit, James_Rustles, SnackyNorph, and 12 others. Aureus City was also known as the City of Gold due to the massive gold farm they had. The gold farm produced so much gold that they started decorating the city with gold.
Aureus City

Overlook From Caine's Castle On Central Aureus

History Edit

Sometime during early 2015, Caines_Law and Tachrev's base, Exodus, was griefed. This left the two homeless until they joined the Valkyrians at Asgard II. When Asgard II was griefed, the Caines_Law and Tachrev joined the rest of the Valkyrians in the Third Incursion. After the Incursion, the two needed a home and so Aureus City was founded. They eventually began to slowly invite other players to the base, many being their former Valkyrian comrades. Them and their new base members had planned for the city to be the greatest city in 2b2t history. The gold farm was built by Caines_Law, in which it produced tons of gold. This allowed for the members to create several amounts of golden apples. Tachrev and Caines_Law allowed their residents to build their own houses which were all built to the player's desire,

Architecture Edit

The base had beautifully decorated streets that led to several parts of the city. The streets were lined with gold from the massive amounts of gold produce from the gold farm. The base also had a lot of decorative helixes around the base. On the streets of Aureus, there were several custom and unique homes built by each player. In the underground areas, the mines were decorated with large lava pillars surrounded by gold and the sea parts of base had large glass domes and entrances. The base, while not the largest redstone base, had a lot of redstone contraptions such as automated farms, sorters, and lights that would tell the players how full the chests were. The contraptions were mainly built by Yellowstonejoe and Caines_Law, who both had redstone experience. The base also had the original shelter of Tachrev and Caines_Law, which was a small cave inclosure with an enchantment table, several chests, beds, crafting tables, furnaces, and an anvil.

Minecraft banner f6cf8f3fofDcy1g65 converted

Aureus City Banner

Impressive builds Edit

Hqdefault (2)

YellowstoneJoe's Ranch, FIt's Radio Tower

  • Caines_Law's Gold Farm
  • Tachrev's Red Sandstone Wall
  • Spartan512's Library, Pony Valley, and Map
  • Aureus' Wizard Tower
  • Hayor's Cathedral (Incomplete)
  • AwesomeMonkey's and Jacktherippa's Tree House
  • Mines of Aureus
  • James_Rustles' Colosseum
  • First Historical Museum
  • Caines_Law's Castle (HQ)
  • Caines_Law's Iron Farm
  • YellowstoneJoe's Ranch
  • Guardian and Mob Farms
  • Fit's Radio Tower
    Gold Farm

    Aureus City's Gold Farm

Griefing Edit

Maxresdefault (1)

Aureus' Mob Farm

It is unknown how Aureus's coordinates got leaked, but the most accepted story is that SnackyNorph gave the rough coords to CancerChan, who acted like Snacky's online girlfriend, despite being a boy, who discovered even closer coords by poking information out of Caines_Law who panicked when Cancer guessed very close coordinates. CancerChan then leaked them to CorruptedUnicorn and Benito_Tortelini who made the coords public. There is also another story that the coordinated were taken from a Skype conversation between members of the city. Fit then decided to grief the city along with many other formal Aureus members, like Caines_Law, Hayor, and YellowstoneJoe, despite some members' dismay and disapproval, as to take away any pleasure from coming griefers. Fit and several of the other members did not want to do this but the base was inevitably going to get griefed either way.

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