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Backdoor Nation (while not its official name) is a group on 2b2t comprised of some of the most notorious griefers in 2b2t history. The group is known to have griefed several bases and has worked with other notorious griefers like jared2013, IMBJER, and popbob.

History Edit

The group has been active since sometime in late 2013 however did not take off until later 2015 and early 2016. It was started by iTr1stan who eventually invited players like c1yd3i, C4RTMAN, fr1kin, and taylo112. The group is notorious for their hacked clients, in which usually allow them to backdoor unfortunate players who have downloaded the specific client and grief their base. The group has shown several videos of them griefing several bases and have been known to have griefed some of the largest builds on 2b2t, ie King's Landing. They have worked with the most infamous griefer, popbob, who has given them access to his exploits and hacked clients.

The group is also responsible for the mayhem during the Pre-Hype Period. They had access to the “/a exploit “that allowed players to triangulate people’s coords, causing the destruction of several bases. They also were responsible for the second backdoor leak (first one being popbob's thunder exploit) which was proved that illegal administrative acts took/was taken place between 2015 and 2016. The backdoor involved the group taking one of House_Master's alts, known as georgebush420, and causing havoc using the OP'ed account.

The group participated in the Rusher War as Team Rusher's enemies. The group fused with Team Veteran to grief and kill Rushers. After the war, they continued on with their old ways and the members are still roaming the server today, hunting for their next victims.

Relations Edit

  • Team Veteran - The Backdoor Nation was merged with Team Veteran during the Rusher War.
  • Team Rusher - The Backdoor Nation was enemies with Team Rusher and all other Rusher groups like Resistance, Peacekeepers, and Guardian Rushers (c1yd3i vs TheJadhya)
  • The 4th Reich - The Backdoor Nation has very close ties with the 4th Reich as they have worked with them in several raids and griefs. fr1kins membership in the 4th Reich proves this, therefore it is safe to say that the two groups can technically fuse into one.
  • Team Aurora - The Backdoor Nation is enemies with Aurora due to 4th Reich relations, ideals, and the same belief that Aurora is full of Vet wannabes.

Notable Members Edit

  • iTristan
  • c1yd3i
  • fr1kin
  • f1ki
  • taylo112 (departed)
  • D4RKJ0E
  • 5H4RP13_