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Real life illustration of a bed bomber

Bed Bombing is a practice on 2b2t when beds are used in the nether to kill other players. Bed Bombing takes advantage of the game mechanic in which beds will explode in the Nether and the End to prevent players from setting their spawn there. The explosion produced is extremely powerful and can even one hit kill a player in full Protection 4 diamond armor.


Bed Bombers are players who use bed bombing as a way to kill players. They usually have an empty inventory, only containing Food, a Bed and sometimes even Chorus Fruit. They try to lure in players in diamond armor by acting to be a newly joined player. When the victim approaches, the bomber places a bed and tries sleeping in it, which results in an explosion that kills both the bomber and the victim. This method is somewhat similar to End Crystal bombing, but is a lot cheaper and can only be done in the Nether or The End. Bed Bombers usually do this to get free items from other players. They are mainly seen in the Nether Highway and Nether 0,0. Eventually, the number of these newb bombers have decreased, however still present, due to a Team Veteran decree to wipe out as many bed bombers as possible.

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