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End Crystal suicide bombers are players who use End Crystals to kill other players. They place an End Crystal when near a player and then hit it, killing the player instantly. This method is more effective than actually fighting someone, but is also considered as a cheap tactic. The End Crystal's explosion can kill a player with a full Protection 4 armor, but can be survived if the player eats an Enchanted Golden Apple or wears Blast Protection 4 armor. The explosion can also be survived if the player is hiding behind some blocks or is a single block below the crystal. Since the End Crystal can only be placed on Obsidian or Bedrock, the bomber needs to bring obsidian with him. This way of killing people became popular when Babbaj killed multiple fully armored players with a single crystal at the end of a 4th Incursion raid. Since then, this has become the most popular way to kill players. Many teams are using this method, but one of the most popular End Crystal Bombers are The 4th Reich.

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