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Existed April of 2011- February of 2012 (with some ripples in 2013)
Status Disbanded
Bases Several bases, camps and outposts. 2k2k, Hitlerwood, and Fort Avril were the last.
Numbers Unknown (Too many bases and also too spread to know)

The Facepunch Republic was a group of players that joined in early 2011. They consisted out of users thus giving them their name. Their leader was known as Chezhead. Facepunch came to 2b2t to play and create cities where their forum members could build and bring a bit of order among the tides of anarchy by creating a perfect civilization where people had jobs and whatnot.

History Edit

It all started when a Facepuncher called Chezhead rallied other Minecraft players from the same forum to join him on the server to make a ‘Facepunch Republic’. The short-term goal was just to have a base for the Facepunch community to play on. They called their bases "Fort", "Camp", and "Outpost". However, the 4channers took notice of this. Days later, Camp Facepunch, their first base, was destroyed.


- Camp Facepunch -

On one side, we had the Facepunchers: fairly organized, with a leader and minor leaders. On the other side: 4channers, not organized, no leader and no base. Suddenly the Facepunchers saw themselves at war with an enemy they could not attack, and even worse, that could be anyone around them. 4channers started to infiltrate the forum and ask for coordinates for the bases there, passing themselves as Facepunchers. The pressure on Chezhead was enormous.

Each base they built was destroyed to a point that the facepunchers had to adapt. Chezhead, being caught in the middle of the chaos of what became his republic initiative, lost leadership power to others. This would actually make things a little less worse. With now more heads leading the players, they had more chance to survive. Policemike55 and Assassin_Raptor were among those that rallied players from Facepunch to make bases. Chezhead abandoned the idea of the republic weeks later, which started the beginning of the end.

Despite the idea of the Republic dying in February, 2012, the facepunchers tried to survive during the early days of the Great Server Decay (aka The Facepunch Decay Era). This is when the events of 2k2k happened where the facepunchers took their last stand against the 4channers and eventually gave up with most, if not all, the players who supported the Republic leaving (making the Republic truly die).

Post Facepunch Eras Edit

Despite the republic being disbanded and several facepunchers leaving after 2k2k, there were still facepunchers who remained (similar to how Rushers still roam the server despite Team Rusher disbanding). These facepunchers either fused into new groups, or never advertised their facepunch origin and secretly made new bases (ie Hitlerwood). The most notable group of facepunchers still remaining after the Rupublic's fall was the group at Hitlerwood which later fused with Anatolia(aka as the Black Flag Group) to create Valkyria. So essentially Valkyria was the Facepunch Republic 2.0 due to their facepunch ancestry. Knightvista created the last facepunch base, Fort Avril, which was griefed.

Trivia Edit

  • Facepunchers still roam the server today such as popbob, xcc2, lemler33 and few others.
  • The term Facepuncher is similar to Rusher as it is used in the exact same way. It was used to generalize a group of players and not necessarily mean they were part of the Republic (while most were) but just to refer to them that they came from facepunch.