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The First Days, aka the 4chan period,was the first era of 2b2t history. This was when the server was the least populated. Not much is known about this period however all that is known is that the server began gaining popularity around 4chan. This brought the first wave of players.

Information from Sato86 Edit

Timeline 2016 (2)-0

This is the beginning of 2b2t. The truth is that there is little saved information about this first period. Only Hausemaster (now HOUSE_MASTER) would be able to go into fine details. Nevertheless, it is likely that the server started to get popular for its promise of true anarchy. ‘4channers’ who wished to play on an online server couldn’t identify with the existing anarchy servers and also their admins. So 2b2t was - especially for /v/ and /b/ people - the place they wanted to play Minecraft online. The server started to be advertised on 4chan almost daily. People started to get online more and more. Spawn probably received the first wave of destruction at this point. The game was still on beta or alpha at the time.