Existed August 25, 2016 - God Knows When
Status Disbanded
Bases City of Pavlactus
Numbers ~10

Headhunter Banner

The Headhunters is a group that was founded on August 25, 2016, and led by SeanTheRat. Their goal is to stalk the highways near spawn and confront anyone passing by. They believe that if you joined 2b2t after June, you are not a Veteran, no matter what you do. The only requirement to join them, is to have at least one piece of armor on your person, and to craft their banner. However, the group no longer exists as the group really did not take on the initiative and they simply stopped playing. 

Relations Edit

Their relations are unknown as they didn't really interact with many people other than attacking them on highways. However,from their beliefs, they were probably Veteran wannabes.