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Existed September 2016 - December 2016
Status Resurected, Active

Team Imperia is a small rather neutral team that has had roots since early June though has only become more known by its players in October and November 2016. The team's Founder aswell as leader is TheDeathDoctrine, aswell as his fellow friend and leader niftyrobo.

Imperia Banner

Early Days Edit

Team Imperia officially began in October when TheDeathDoctrine's team, The Anarchists, and niftyrobo's team, The Inalegie, merged together to form Imperia.

Not much is currently known about the Anarchists, but the other half, The Inalegie, originally started in September when a Newfag named niftyrobo started a team called The Epists. The Epists started a base in The Flatlands, but was later abandoned to form a base called PRAWN base. niftyrobo met TheDeathDoctrine when he bought a map from him, starting the friendship. The Epists went on to rename themselves The Inalegie, and let in more members like MrAutisms, DemonCrown, and Nourdica. PRAWN base was griefed by AutismBot in late October when PeterRichards gave him the coords after finding the base by chance.

The Age of Hype Edit

Imperia started to gain small amounts of power when they started to dupe during the 11/11 Dupe at their current base, Prometheus. They had to destroy Prometheus and move the stash when they found out that the client they were using was backdoored.

December Coup Edit

The December Coup was a successful break of multiple members after the group involving desputes over a member in the group resulting in members to leave and create Team Malaria (Also referred to as #TeamDisease and #TeamHerpes). The coup was spearheaded by players MrAutisms and Flyinqq.

War With Minecraft Online Edit

While 2b2t was updating to 1.11, niftyrobo visited Minecraft Online, the oldest server in minecraft. niftyrobo then declared war on Minecraft Online for being "faggot central." niftyrobo encourages any and all players to go onto minecraft online and build things that give people eye cancer and be a bunch of dickheads in chat.

Imperia's Disband Edit

Imperia disbanded on December 12, 2016. The reasoning for the sudden disband was due to the December Coup and the heavy loss of members due to it. TheDeathDoctrine and Niftyrobo officially met the night of the 12th to discuss the future of the group and chose to discontinue the group.

Recreation Edit

Imperia was revived about 2 weeks after it's disbanding. The team was revived without the "newfag attitude" that ultimately ended it before.

Relations Edit

  • The 4th Reich : Imperia is enemies with The 4th Reich for griefing Wrath Outpost and being a bunch of edgelords
  • The Vortex Coalition : Imperia is enemies with The Vortex Coalition because all they do is lag the server, meme the reddits, and participate in large orgies with themselves
  • The Blind Eye Clan : Imperia attempted to ally the Blind Eye Clan, but failed due to the team disbanding
  • Yamerockers : Imperia is allied with the Yamerockers
  • The Peacekeepers : Imperia is allied with The Peacekeepers, but hate their banner
  • Team Aurora : Imperia is highly annoyed by Team Aurora for being a bunch of violent faggots


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