Kings/Queens of 2b2t is a term used by players to make someone known and seem powerful. The title is a meme and is completely subjective as players may or may not agree with that person being the king. People usually claim to be the king of 2b2t if they have done a lot on the server, become powerful, or just overall known throughout the server. However, people have actually claimed to be king of 2b2t by doing nothing but spamming chat and people actually believed that they were the king of 2b2t (either to stop their spam or actually believe it). It is simply a meme as anyone can claim the title and it is not an award given by House. It is also a meme because no one can truly be a king/queen on 2b2t as it is an anarchy server and no one can truly control an anarchy server, as we know from the Facepunch and Rusher days.

People who have been called king/queen Edit

  • Chrisleighton (First person to call themselves king)
  • xcc2
  • popbob
  • iTristan
  • OreMonger (and other people at King's landing (a hub of the meme))
  • Sato86
  • Pyrobyte
  • Branillon
  • Several others (mainly old and midfags)

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