MC_GamerIIYTII joined in 2012. He joined valkyrie clan and later quit 2b2t for over 3 years. He came back as of January in 2016 and joined found a base called "The One Man Village" This village was thought to be moved from 10k blocks to over 8.5 mil blocks by one man, block by block. This was later found out to be false but the real story is that the base was moved from 100k to 8.5 mil, block by block. He received a sword by an old valkyrie member for his service on 2b2t. The sword had a sharpness 20 Enchant and he hid it at the base... Later as of December 25 of 2016 he called quits... He is asking people to guard the base because he is no longer coming back. He visits 2b2t once every month to say hi and see what has changed on the server. He quit because of everything that has been patched, and everything that has been disabled.

We have all lost an original oldfag and we will always love the work he did


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