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NFE was a spawnbase at -400 800 that lasted for about 4 years. NFE stands for it's coordinates, -400 800. Today, the majority of the spawnbase is encased in a giant lavacast, but there are some features that can be made out, and are still standing today.

History Edit

NFE was started in early 2011 by Pimpmastaflex and possibly other anonymous Facepunch players. It started as a castle and was presumed to be abandoned by xcc when he arrived at it. xcc2 repaired the castle and a player named alex02028 continued to expand the area surrounding the castle. Months later, many players had heard of the base around the server and was a popular attraction for new players. xcc and alex02028 offered food and gear to new players who came to NFE. Due to the base's popularity, NFE was griefed and repaired many, many times. As xcc2 himself recalls, "The griefing took many forms, some much more creative than others. One player offered to stay and build at the base, but instead created the first lavacast I had ever seen, right in front of the castle. He though it was funny, so I waited until he logged out (ontop of the cast) and I quickly took it down. When he next logged in, he fell from his logout height and died right in front of me, blaming me for his death. I took his gear, and used the cobble from the lavacast to construct the gatehouse on the front of the castle." Over the years, NFE faced many different types of griefing.