2017-08-03 13.34.15
2017-08-03 13.34.23
2017-08-03 20.19.53

The one man village was a base on 2b2t built around 8 million in a random direction. The base includes a huge clocktower, a 700x700 wall (because of donald trump at the time) Builder is unknown. It is speculated that it is either JackTheRippaOf2b Or MC_GamerIIYTII (Built in 2013 and moved block by block to 8mil (started around 100k)

1 Image is the clocktower at night. 2nd image is the hidden base, 3rd image is 2 old basemembers pushing a horse up the stairs of the wall tower, 4th image is valkyrie flags recovered from deaths of many valkyrians

2017-08-03 13.34.04

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