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Player Heads are rare artifacts that are the heads of select players from 2b2t's history.

History Edit

The Player Heads were created when the Backdoor Nation hacked into Hause Master's OP alt, allowing them to do whatever they wanted. One of the things they did was spawn in the heads of many players. While it is unknown the original amount of heads spawned, the number drastically rose during the 11/11 Dupe.

Possession Edit

Player Heads are usually sold by merchants for either real money or in game items (This option is usually difficult due to Gapples no longer being wanted by the mass market). Player Heads are not able to be gotten legitimately due to Charged Creepers being unable to exist because of lightning being disabled.

List of heads Edit

  • Popbob
  • Hause Master
  • Sato86
  • iTr1stan
  • JackTheRippa
  • CytoxicTcell
  • Pyrobyte