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Popbob is the most infamous autist and griefer in 2b2t history. He is known for being both one of the oldest active players on 2b2t and the most iconic one. He is known to have griefed more bases than anyone else on the server. His reign of terror lasted for years.

Popbob's signature troll skin (the ultimate skin of a griefer).

Early Times Edit

Popbob is presumed to be one of the first players to join 2b2t in very early 2011. The most famous base Popbob was a part of was Passie Town, also known as Squid Base. He teamed with policemike55, passie05, xcc2, chase, and CreamOfTheSlop and helped with the construction.

Pobob was able to do many things other players could not do because of his backdoor access to 2b2t. This allowed him to do things like spawn in materials and even make a pig spawner. Popbob's most known build is his trademarked glass dome.

Pop was also apart of early Facepunch bases in 2011. One of the most well known was the "1095 365" base. The members were popbob, Tark, Dachande (?), stewe231, and Phagocytic.

"After that, the group split into policemike, chase, passie, and xcc, popbob became an outcast, a recluse."

-Offtopia July 2nd, 2016

After he left Passie Town, popbob moved on to become a loner. Over the years, popbob created his own client, nhack, to support his base finding and exploits. He is also known for his godlike chat spam associated with nhack, which is the Welcomer and Announcer mods.

Griefing and Autismal Outbursts Edit

"popbob is a relic and a treasure to be cherished, he is known to everyone in one way or another from newfriends to players who played since early 2011. He has also a very peculiar personality, both laconic(when not spamming) and autistic. Some people leave, some people stay and those who do always change. I remember popbob from 2011 summer and he is still the same sadistic fuck he was back then. May he never change." -Anonymous Romanian player on the 8ch 2b2t board, 12/21/15

Popbob went on to become an infamous griefer and autist. He worked as a lone wolf and occasionally griefed with D4RKJ0E (Jared) or iTristan. He was able to know exactly where players were at using the thunderbolt exploit. The exploit used an oversight in Minecraft's code that allowed the coordinates of thunder to be tracked down through packets, as the sound of thunder was global and would only strike where players were located. This allowed Popbob to find players, kill them, and grief their bases. According to Fit, it was a right of passage if you were killed and griefed by Popbob and continued to play on the server. However during the third incursion, Popbob's griefing reign finally ended when the Incursion members hunted Popbob down and caused him to combat log. After this, popbob has left and rejoined many times on alt accounts or his main, spamming chat like a 5 year old to indicate that he's back in the game. popbob uses alt accounts to keep his identity secret from the wave of new players, as the majority of them do not know the existence of these. The account names will be kept secret, but if enough investigating is done you can figure them out. Many people believe popbob quit 2b2t because of what Fit said, but he joins 2b2t occasionally on alternate accounts. The last time popbob joined 2b2t was December 4th, 2016. The reason for his unexplained absence is that he is interested in playing other games, such as Football Manager 2016.

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