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Sanctuaries are crop farms that reside within the area of spawn. The term was dubbed by 2b2t players due to TheCampingRusher using it to describe these farms. Many people have made sanctuaries, from oldfags to newfags, either for the consideration of newfags at spawn to gain food on their ventures or to make an attempt to save themselves from hunger. The most notable sanctuary is the Valley of Wheat, which is the longest lasting and largest sanctuary on 2b2t. Some of the most common ruins around spawn are the remains of ruined sanctuaries from people either griefing them or never replanting. If players are lucky they may find a sanctuary that has not been touched by griefers. A large amount of sanctuaries have been built during the course of the Rusher War as several newfags attempted to survive the harsh conditions of the server at the time.

Screenshot 2016-12-11 at 9.29.03 PM

A Rusher Sanctuary about to be griefed by Fit