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The Second Valkyrian Era was a very short Era. This Era brought back the Obision Bird symbol of Valkyria as a symbol of peace, as the Fenrir Project brought many players together to become known as the new Valkyirans. Asgard II was later founded and went on to have a population of 30 players.

Asgard II was later destroyed, and the anger from its destruction led the asgardians to launch the 3rd Spawn Incursion (See Spawn Incursions). The Third Incursion ended with the completion of Wrath Outpost and the founding of Aureus City.

Information from Sato86 Edit

Timeline 2016 (1)

The Second Valkyria Period would bring with several new bases such as Fenrir, Asgard II and Nova. The basemembers of this places would eventually become the new Valkyrians of 2015. They were known as Asgardians. A merge the Legion group and the Gape 2 base crew with what was left of the First Period made Asgard II happen, named after the first one that failed. A2 reached 30 players and its destruction 1 month later began the Third Incursion. It led most of these players to march to spawn and dominate it for a month.

There was no outside invasion at play at the time, it was purely an act of strength by the Asgardians. They baited many of the players that hated them to spawn and killed most, all that while building the most gigantic spawn base of the server history (so far).

The End of the Incursion also ends the last period of the Valkyrians on 2b2t. The eagle that once revived the server from a close death would give its last drop of sweat and rest in May of 2015. The symbol is still used on 2b2t as it represent unity and perseverance. Aureus was founded days after.

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