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Spawn Dwellers are players who spend most of their time in spawn. Spawn Dweller is a blanket term, so Spawn Dwellers can be in any group. Spawn Dwellers may also roam the inner Flatlands

Passive Spawn Dwellers Edit

Passive Spawn Dwellers may be well armed and/or naked. They may be new players who have been living in spawn for an extended amount of time. These types of Spawn Dwellers may also be well-armed, but decide not to fight, and may even give items to others and build farms. These types of Spawn Dwellers, however, are uncommon.

Hostile Spawn Dwellers Edit

Hostile Spawn Dwellers are well-armed players who will attack anyone they want to. They are incredibly dangerous as they will go to any lengths to kill their victims, even if it means destroying the victim's items. They will usually use such ways to kill:

  • Meelee
  • Bow
  • Wither
  • Suffocation
  • Lava
  • Fall Damage
  • End Chrystaling
  • Bed Bombing
  • TNT

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