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Hitlerwood (The last facepunch base)

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Swastika Map Art

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Swastika Tower at spawn

Swastikas are very present on 2b2t, being found from anywhere around spawn, to the edges of the 2b2t map. Swastikas are usually meant for shits and giggles and are usually placed around griefed buildings and are sometimes used by some groups. The Swastika is the main symbol of the 4th Reich and has been used by other groups such as Team Veteran and Valkyria. Some builds around 2b2t also have the swastika as a main part of the build.
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History Edit

The first usage of the swastikas was from the 4channers who began the cancerous-ness of 2b2t as 4chan itself can be very cancerous.

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