Existed November 25th, 2016 - present
Status More of a classification than an actual team at this point
Numbers Population of French players (minority)
Bases N/A

Team French was founded on November 25th, 2016 as a result of the youtuber Agentgb posting a video showcasing 2b2t on his youtube channel.

History Edit

Team Veteran and several oldfags currently are against Team French because they think that Agentgb is Rusher 2.0. The french players oppose the rest of the population on the server as they think that the other fags are racist assholes when racism and shitposts is a big part of the server and they simply do not know this. The team was not originally coined by Agentgb himself, but rather by the existing playerbase and encouraged with the videos put out by Fit. The group is considered to not necessarily include only the the Agentgb's fans but rather the entire French population on the server which is a minority.

Minecraft banner g5v2o

Potential Team French Banner

Trivia Edit

  • Many older players called Team French "frenchfags", a similar naming convention to "newfags" and "oldfags"

Une note pour tous les joueurs francais: si vous lisez ça, je veux vous dire que 2b2t est une serveur vraiment cancéreux et tous les chose que les joueurs dit a beaucoup de merde mais sont des drôle et les joueurs sont pas raciste. Il dit des chose parce qu'il peut. Le serveur de 2b2t est une anarchie serveur ou vous pouvez dire les chose que vous voulez et utilise les hacks. Vous devez ignorer les chose que les person dit dans le chat si vous n'aimez pas. Il dit beaucoup de raciste chose contre tous le monde et c'est une normal chose dans le serveur. Ne prenez pas d'offense s'il vous plaît. Bonne chance sur le serveur.

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