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Fairly unknown by most, Team Sun started in another server known as Spartan Empire when ibiq and his co-workers started a server with the purpose to bully Minecraft kids. They had multiple bases throughout the server until it closed and they jumped to 2b2t, announcing their arrival as “Team Sun”. When 2b2t shut down before the revival and era of Rushers, they moved to Constantiam.

ibiq founded the team on his server, regularly recruited new players for forced labour by pretending to be a girl, but also notable members balonypony and vishusburn, who then helped recruit Jazukai, coconut4 and anonam00se. Some other players who wish to remain unnamed are considered honorary aryans members.
Together they've built, killed and shitposted their way to fame, but the name of Team Sun has faded into obscurity.

4444 converted-0

In the absence of ibiq from Spartan Empire, Jazukai sought to retain team spirit by claiming the leadership for himself, in order to command more skilled players. This led ibiq to create Team Moon, which nobody cared about. Leadership of Team Sun has since fallen to balonypony.

As of 2016 coconut4 officially defected and is considered a traitor.

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