V Fawkes Banner converted

V Fawkes Banner

Existed June, 2016 - Present
Status Active
Bases Unknown
Numbers ~6
Team V Fawkes is a group that formed just as the Rusher War started. However, the group kept a low profile by avoiding fights and remaining neutral and unknown until the end of the Rusher War. Their group portrays a lot of symbols related to Anonymous, V for Vendetta, and Guy Fawkes. Their motto is "We Seek, locate, annihilate.We are united by one, divided by zero...!". They were an anti-Rusher group at first until the group allied with the Peacekeepers.
V Fawkes Symbol

Relations Edit

  • Team Rusher - Team V Fawkes was originally an Anti-Rusher group, however it is unknown if they still are as they allied themselves with Peacekeepers and Team Rusher is currently on the brink of disbanding.
  • Peacekeepers- V Fawkes is currently allied with Peacekeepers as they wanted to merge with them at one point. The group currently aids the Peacekeepers against Team Aurora and the 4th Reich
  • Team Veteran - The group remained neutral with Team Veteran throughout the course of the Rusher War
  • 4th Reich - Currently the group is enemies with the 4th Reich due to their alliance with the Peacekeepers
  • Team Aurora - Currently the group is enemies with Team Aurora due to their alliance with the Peacekeepers.