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TheCampingRusher is the main leader of Team Rusher, and is sometimes just referred to as Rusher or TCR. He is a large Canadian YouTuber with almost one million subscribers. He has gained a lot of hate from most of the oldfags, because they didn't like the attention he brought to the server and the destructive nature of his fans. He then went on to be Team Veteran's number one target as the group conducted several massacres on his fans and have attempted to hunt him down. Team Veteran failed to actually hunt and kill his main account and send it back to spawn. Due to Team Veteran constantly hunting for him, he never settled to create a base, attempting only twice to create a makeshift base. He remained a nomad as his two attempts were griefed by Team Veteran. His main goal on the server was to explore it and learn about it's history, and did not intend to cause a commotion on the server. Fit actually admitted that Rusher didn't seem so bad as a person several times. As Rusher gained op gear, his mood of videos began to shift from the unintended war he caused and focused more on base tours and explaining history of the server to his fans. He eventually left 2b2t on October 22nd, 2016, as he began to lose ideas for the series, his fans were getting bored, and the start of school.

Drama Edit

Rusher has gained a lot of hate and conspiracies against him during his time on the server. He has admitted to being responsible for the massive amounts of players joining and that it was his fault for causing the War. The first conspiracy was that he was a jewtuber money whore who did everything on the server for money. He made a video where he admitted to being responsible behind the making of the Priority Queue System and that he can add or remove anyone he wishes, but he claims not to do so. He also claims that he did not implement the queue for the money and defended this claim by stating that people offered to pay Hause_Master money to get premium queue and Rusher aided Hause to create that queue so he did not suggest it. He has also admitted to actually wanting to buy 2b2t from Hause (keep in mind that this offer was before temp mape). He stated that he wanted to buy the server in order to make it lag free and give it DDOS protection. However, Hause already did this during temp mape. He stated that for his first 2 years as a YouTuber, he did not get paid for his content, defending that he was not a jewtuber. He even offered to donate the money he gained from the queue to charity and has donated $250 per month to the server's benefit since the 8th episode in his series.

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