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The 4th Reich vs Team Aurora vs Peacekeeper War, is a conflict occurring currently on 2b2t. The war started on September 9th, 2016, during Rusher's departure period.

Start of War Edit

This war began towards the end of the Rusher War when Rusher left for the first time. Once many of the Veterans believed that the war was ending, the alliance between the Oldfags and Newfags of Team Veteran began to crack and some infighting began. Once the idea of Team Veteran was put into dormancy by Fit on October 9th, the members began parting ways. Some retired from the server, some went solo, some went to find grander ventures, and some went to building. However, the members of The 4th Reich and Team Aurora began to fight each other. The two groups began exchanging raids, fights, skirmishes and griefs with each other. As the war began to escalate, the last of the Pro-Rusher groups, Peacekeepers joined the fight against the two as both Team Aurora and the 4th Reich conducted raids against them. The Blind Eye Clan (previously known as Ragnarok) attempted to make a peace treaty with the Peacekeepers and Team Aurora to bomb spawn. However, the 4th Reich interrupted this event as they destroyed the Clan's spawn base. The Clan have then decided to stay neutral, therefore the war is a three way war between Peacekeepers, Team Aurora, and The 4th Reich.

Major Events Edit

  • 4th Reich vs Neda T- During the events of the Rusher War, the 4th Reich started talking shit around and about Neda T, a Resistance member at the time, when she joined their discord. This caused Neda's hate for the 4th Reich which transended to Post-War events. This event sparked the war.
  • Raid on Peacekeeper HQ - The base of the Peacekeepers is griefed by Team Aurora on Spetember 4th, 2016, towards the end of the Rusher War. This caused the Peacekeepers hate for Team Aurora and brought them into the civil war.
  • Raid on Neda T's spawn base - On September 7th, 2016, the ex-Aurora member, chairman112, insided the Neda T's spawn base to members of the 4th Reich and Peacekeepers. The members of Team Aurora destroyed their base due to the compromise and 4th Reich and Peacekeeper members soon showed up to fight. This was the first battle between all three groups.
  • Battle on Southern Canal- A fight broke out between Team Aurora and the 4th Reich on September 16th, 2016, in which was Fit involved. He became stuck in the crossfire between the two and was constantly on the run.
  • Griefing of Aurora HQ- This event occurred when the infamous CancherChan insided Aurora Base. It was griefed by CancerChan and Da99thWolf. This occurred on September 22nd, 2016.
  • Party Crashing- This event was when Neda T's Birthday Spawn Base was attacked by the 4th Reich during her birthday stream on October 7th, 2016.
  • The Triple Treaty - An attempt by The Blind Eye Clan to make a peace treaty with Team Aurora and the Peacekeepers. The treaty failed due to 4th Reich intervention.
  • 11/11 dupe - The 11/11 dupe on November 11th, 2016, caused all three groups to gain large amounts of overpowered gear.
  • The 5th Incursion - The war came to spawn as all three groups began to fight each other during the 5th Incursion

Major Groups Involved Edit

Minor Groups Involved Edit

  • Team V Fawkes (VTV) (Currently fused with Peacekeepers)
  • The Blind Eye Clan (Previously known as Ragnarok)
  • Some Team Veteran members not associated with the 4th Reich
  • Ex-Rusher member TheJadyha
  • Some Rusher ex-veteran newfags and wannabes
  • Imperia

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