The Age of Hype is a large period of time in 2b2t history. The era started when Team Veteran started the 4th Spawn Incursion (see Spawn Incursions) in order to drive out the Rushers that they deemed a threat to the server. This started The Rusher War.

The Rusher War Edit

The Rusher War is the largest war ever seen on 2b2t. It started when a popular Minecraft youtuber named TheCampingRusher started a lets play series about 2b2t. This caused hundred of his fans to flood the server, causing the server to have a queue system implemented to keep the server's systems afloat. Team Veteran was formed to counteract the Rusher invasion, as they started what is known as The Rusher Massacre. The Rusher War ended on October 9th, 2016, when Rusher did not post a video for over a month. Rusher did return but his return did not retrigger the war and he later left on October 22nd, 2016.

The 11/11 Dupe Edit

The 11/11 Dupe is the largest dupe ever seen on 2b2t history. It started when an easy to perform duplication exploit was discovered and spread among the community, causing players with valuable loot to duplicate entire inventories worth of items. This cuased the 2b2t economy to crash, as no one needed to buy God Gear, Gapples, or any other valuables. To add salt to the wound, the map limit was reached, causing Map Art growth to become stagnant and valuable.

The French Scare Edit

The French Scare was an event that took place during the 11/11 dupe when a popular French youtuber named AgentGB posted a video about 2b2t. People started to panic as he had alot of kid fans, essentially making him Rusher 2.0, but worse due to a language barrier. Luckily, due to 2b2t being down for 1.11, fans were not able to invade the server. AgentGB later stated that 2b2t would not become a series.

Post 11/11 Dupe Edit

With the massive amount of items people had, they started to destroy spawn and eachother. This part of the page is a WIP due to nothing happening as of yet.

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