Existed Early november 2016- present
Status Active
Bases Kektown
Numbers ~10

The Fulcrum Force is a Team created by HappySeniorMan after an idea GalaxyDoughnut had. It's goals are (as the name suggests,) to play a pivotal role in the Post-Rusher history.

2016-12-02 10.59.06


The Fulcrum Force was originally an unnamed team idea brought to HappySeniorMan by GalaxyDoughnut. After pondering the Idea, HappySeniorMan had decided the Team would be dedicated to Freelance Activities, publicity stunts, and (just maybe,) an organized force for the 5th Incursion in the event of a french invasion, which never came to fruition. The Fulcrum Force is currently Working with the Vortex Coalition, while recruiting new players.


Team Veteran- As HappySeniorMan served for Team Veteran during the waning days of The Rusher War, making the Fulcrum Force Pro-Vet.

The Vortex Coalition- The Fulcrum Force was previosly enemies with The Vortex Coalition, but Coltsnid and HappySeniorMan made peace with each other. Technically TFF is a sub group of VoCo due to HappySeniorMan's involvment with them.

The 4th Reich- Although The Fulcrum Force is at peace to The Vortex Coalition, The 4th reich and The Fulcrum Force have no relations.

Team Aurora- Although Pro-Vet, Team Aurora is seen by HappySeniorMan as a group of outcasts that became the thing Team Veteran wanted to destroy. (this may be in part due to Aurora's involvement with TheJadyha, that most of the members are indeed Rusher newfags, and that most of them are Veteran wannabes.)

The Blind Eye Clan- The two groups have not had any relations. Therefore the two groups are neutral.

The Peacekeepers- HappySeniorMan has no respect for The PeaceKeepers or their leader, Making them Enemies.

The Headhunters- HappySeniorMan has officially declared war on the headhunters and the white banner neutralists for the same reason he hates team aurora. (that they are just vet wannabes)

Notable MembersEdit

  • HappySeniorMan
  • GalaxyDoughnut


  • The Fulcrum Forces Banner is the same as the Kektown Banner.
  • HappySeniorMan's shield is the Kektown banner but with an extra Red dot in the center.
  • Any notable build griefed/visited by the Fulcrum Force will have their banners by the doors and windows of the build.
  • The Fulcrum Force is recruiting!