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Existed July 8th, 2016 - Present
Status At War
Bases Peacekeepers' HQ, second Peacekeeper HQ, Napkin's dupe bases, Berry Farm, Hydra Base, Two Trees, Dumes, Atlants, several other spawn bases and dupe bases.
Numbers 54 (During Rusher War) Unknown (Present)
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Peacekeeper Banner

The Peacekeepers are a group on 2b2t that started on July 8th, 2016 when PandaSauceYT started a series on his channel with the word "peacekeepers" in each episode. The group was originally based on the idea of Team Equinox, as the original idea for the Peacekeepers was to essentially "keep the peace" and attack both Team Rusher and Team Veteran. As The Rusher War escalated, the Peacekeepers began gaining attention as a legitimate group by both Rushers and Veterans. Eventually, the Peacekeepers ditched their third team/neutrality ideology and sided with Team Rusher. The Peacekeepers essentially became somewhat of a sub group of Team Rusher as Napkin0fTruth, Rusher's faction friend and rival, decided to defect from Team Veteran to Peacekeepers. From then on, the two teams essentially worked together and Rusher gained his first god gear from a Peacekeeper dupe stash, given to him by Napkin.

Post-War Edit

The Peacekeepers are the last remaining (active) Pro-Rusher group to still roam the server after the war, playing a key role in Reich vs Aurora vs PK war. They are enemies with both The 4th Reich and Team Aurora, as they fight, grief, and skirmish against each other.

2b2t-symbol orig

Peacekeeper symbol

Relations Edit

  • Team Rusher - The relation between Peacekeepers and Team Rusher was very strong due to Rusher's factions friend and rival, Napkin0fTruth, joined the team. Napkin claimed that the Peacekeepers were 90% with Rushers and 10% with Veterans.
  • Team Veteran - Despite Napkin's claim of the Peacekeepers being 10% with the Veterans, the Veterans considered them as an enemy. Team Veteran especially wanted revenge on Napkin for ditching their group.
  • Team Resistance - The relation between the two teams remained relatively neutral throughout the war until about the end of the war when Napkin had a dispute with the Resistance member GoDzOneManArmy. The dispute resulted in some bitterness between the two, however no sort of attacks have been conducted against each other.
  • Team Aurora - The two groups are currently allies due to the Illuminati Alliance of Team Aurora, Peacekeepers, and The Blind Eye Clan (which used to be Ragnarok).
  • The 4th Reich - The two groups were enemies since the Peacekeepers sided with the Rushers and they continued to fight after The Rusher War. The Peacekeepers are currently in a three way war between The 4th Reich and Team Aurora. The Peacekeepers, however are now allies with The 4th Reich.
  • Team V Fawkes (VTV) - Team V Fawkes started out as an Anti-Rusher group until they decided to merge with the Peacekeepers after the war.
  • The Blind Eye Clan (was Ragnarok) - Peacekeepers are currently allies with Team Ragnarok, due to the Illuminati Alliance of Team Aurora, Peacekeepers, and The Blind Eye Clan (which used to be Ragnarok).
  • Yamerockers (formerly MLClan) - The Peacekeepers are currently neutral with Yamerockers (formerly MLClan).

Notable Members Edit

  • PandaSauceYT (Bad Member)
  • rmp500 (Leader)
  • FrozenYogurt (Leader)

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