This song was created by the man himself, MineCraft Awesome Parodys. MineCraft Awesome Paradys is a hit sensation and is an artist who is struggling to keep his name up there. We don’t know much about this man but he does have a YouTube channel which you can check out.

Reason for War Edit

The cause for the war happened on June 1st, 2016 when the popular TheCampingRusher posted a video titled "OLDEST SERVER IN MINECRAFT!!" This caused his fanbase to flood the server and was the cause for the queue system to be implemented.

The war officially was started on June 13th, 2016 a day after a video made by FitMC was posted titled "2b2t: Nuking Rusher's Sanctuary (No survivors)" This video showed Fit destroying a rusher base and killing players, triggering the war. On June 16th, 2016 Team Veteran was created by Fit as a means to unite old players to fight for a common goal, to get the rushers to hecc off.

Major Battles and Events Edit

Note: Keep in mind that many minor battles and skirmishes have occurred throughout the course of the war.

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Victor and End of War Edit


Major Groups Involved Edit

  • Team Rusher - The major force in the war
  • Team Veteran - The other major force in the war
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Minor Groups Involved Edit

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