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Travelling is a very important part of every 2b2t player's life. It is what pretty much every player does at some point or another. Players have made great travels throughout their time on the server whether it be just to simply explore or to build as far as possible from spawn. People have reached all the way out to the millions when in 2011, 100k away from spawn was considered far.

Methods of Travel Edit

There are several methods of travel around 2b2t. The main way of travel is to use speed hacks on the main highways (obsidian paths that extend from spawn all the way out to the edges of the map). Many players tend to use the Nether highways rather than the overworld ones as travelling one block in the Nether equivalates to travelling 8 blocks in the overworld, which cuts the travel times. However, players have used other methods of travel as well such as exploits and using horse travel (which is faster than many speed hacks). The most notorious travel exploit was the Bed Godmode exploit, which allowed players to leave their beds (while in bed) and go through Nether portals to teleport to the nearest bed (which could be millions of blocks out).


Boats are a popular means of travel, especially when escaping spawn for the first time., as you can travel tens or even hundreds of thousands of blocks thanks to 2b2t's enormous oceans and the Southern Canal.

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