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The Valley of Wheat is the largest known "sanctuary" on the server. The wheat covers almost every block of grass around the are


Valley of Wheat Griefed

History Edit

The Valley of Wheat was built by Jaang, a player who did not really interact with other players, who was the sole builder of the entire sanctuary. He spent his entire time on 2b2t building and expanding the Valley in both of his phases from 2011-2012 and late 2013-2014. He let players take food from the valley but never allowed them to build on it.

During a trip through the Nether, Jaang was attacked by another player but was saved by Offtopia, who was one of the only players that Jaang interacteous griefer, mause the Resistance wanted to become infamous and wanted to be on the Veteran kill list. During the war and after, the valley was restored by Team Aurora, and several other nonpartisan players.