Ziggy Town was a base built sometime in 2011. The base is known for its giant bedrock comet which was built using the 1st backdoor in 2011 which allowed hacked in bedrock and infinite blocks. It was another base that had the signature "town" in its name as bases back then were called towns.

History Edit

The base was founded by passie05 and ofc_ziggy_s. It was the second town base that passie participated in, the first being his own, Passie Town. WIP

Architecture Edit

The base is comprised of your standard minecraft castles and houses. It was more colorful than passie town due to the fact that the base was built in a different minecraft update, introducing new creative blocks that players could use.

The famous bedrock comet is actually one of the last bedrock, if not the last, builds still standing as House_Master has removed several illegal builds and lag machines of the years. The comet is actually not a comet, surprisingly, as it is actually based off of a beacon from the Dead Space franchise.

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